Converting high XP demos back to +10!

First of all, if you are'nt one that likes to read and learn I have uploaded a voice tutorial here: - WARNING it does containt alot of swearing.

Ok, so to the tutorial.

1. So you are going to want to download CoD Demo Manager of CFGFactory.
2. Install this, it will ask you for a update. You MUST do it. If it doesn't ask, go to help and check for updates.
3. After the update is downloaded, install it too.
4. So now you should have the demo player installed, once you open it it's going to ask for your dame directory etc, obviusly I don't know everyones game directory and if you don't you probably shouldn't use this tool.
5. Once you have setup you directory, it should have your mods folder on the left, now these mods folders are where you will need to put yur demos.
6. So get the demo you want to convert, navigate to your mods folder "Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\Mods" and go into ModWarfare (We all have that, don't we?)
7. In ModWarfare there will be a folder named demos, drag the demo you want to convert into here.
8. Switch back over to Demo Manager and refresh the list and expand ModWarfare, you should now see your demo.
9. Click the demo you want to change, then hit modify. This will bring up a new window, on the right there is a "Modify this match" option, tick it. This will allow you to edit the values.
10. Now down the bottom you will see the option "Kill score multiplier" this is the value you want to edit.
11. Change the "Kill score multiplier" value to 0.1
12. Hit ok, and save the demo.
13. Navigate to where you saved the demo, open and enjoy normal XP! Laughing


Does this replace the demo? No, it makes a whole new demo. The original is untouched
Will this work if I send the modified demo to a friend? Yes it will.
I click modify but there's no multiplier option help?!?! You need to check for updates, the older version didn't have this feature.

Hope this helped, if you get a bit stuck try and refer to the video tutorial as you can see exactly what I am doing.



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Thank you bro. Sweet bread to you

Posted on 08.09.2013 / 18:02

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When I saw that the video contained swearing I clicked it,

Posted on 09.09.2013 / 12:53

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I wonder if it will be possible to add +5 on hardcore demos on future updates.

Posted on 11.09.2013 / 18:27

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Posted on 20.09.2013 / 18:35

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I wish there was a modify for hardcore so points would come up

Posted on 14.11.2013 / 3:04

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Z0RSY there is a way to get your hud back since Hardcore mode has just a different UI. Google it and you will find it!

Posted on 12.12.2013 / 11:49

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hardcore points plox

Posted on 23.12.2013 / 11:19

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I just get read errors on all my demos..

Posted on 10.01.2014 / 3:42

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This doesn't work with demos on newer servers nowadays, would be cool if there was a new method

Posted on 05.01.2020 / 11:51

did you ever find a new method? not working for me either, only on one server.

Posted on 24.08.2020 / 6:48

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