Recording, Motion Blur and Quality Tutorial

I've got a lot of requests on YouTube about my recording and quality settings, so I thought I'll make a post here.

First: You need to have this bind; 

bind F2 "com_maxfps 30; timescale 0.0625"

This is a bit slow, but it's worth the wait.

In Fraps you have to change the fps to 30. So open Fraps, go to "Movies"

and check the checkbox near the "30 fps". Do not include the audio, you have to uncheck "Record Win7 sound".

Second (for AO users only): 

you have to download this pack, there are my settings for AO (nvidiaInspector).

To demonstrate the difference; 



And this is WITH my AO settings 


Second: Open VirtualDub, insert your recorded .avi file, then go to Video/Filters in Filters clock on "Add...", search for "motion blur" check it, then click Ok and once again Ok in the Filters. Here is a screenshot below.

Now go to Video again/Frame rate/ check the "Change frame rate to (fps):" and write 480 there. Now you can render your video from VirtualDub with motion blur on it.

Third: Now open Sony Vegas, do your stuff, add your effects everything you want to. If you're done then go to render and go to .avi. Open one presents and just copy everything as shown below:

For video


For sound 


Now if you done with all of these settings, you have to go to a video. It's Jays video, I'm using his handbrake settings. You can download Handbrake from here: 

You just have to click on Download button, you can't fail on this.


So the video:

You already done a lot of things with my settings, you have to watch it from 7:10. 


Thanks for reading this, and have fun with my settings :).




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Now, That's a great freaking job here Daffy.
Good to see at least some people care about community

Posted on 01.01.2014 / 20:22

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Thank you

Posted on 01.01.2014 / 20:44

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mmm. that something new.
I also so write

Posted on 01.01.2014 / 21:29

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Well done Daffy!

Posted on 01.01.2014 / 22:04

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Posted on 01.01.2014 / 23:25

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good tut daff

Posted on 01.01.2014 / 23:41

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"its a bit slow"
0.02 timescale 10fps
nice tut

Posted on 02.01.2014 / 3:07

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10fps is bullshit

Posted on 02.01.2014 / 11:30

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i use 20 fps , timescale 0.0625 = 320 fps virtdub

Posted on 03.01.2014 / 11:57

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i think its better in the 480 case, isn't it ?

Posted on 04.01.2014 / 21:24

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i saw better tutorials but this is good

Posted on 05.01.2014 / 11:24

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I don't get how to change AO settings. Like I know how to enable it but how do you change the settings?

Posted on 12.01.2014 / 0:28

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if u dont record the sound when u will fill it . PLease explain . Im new in Making movie configs

Posted on 19.01.2014 / 12:20

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Posted on 06.03.2014 / 12:31

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156 GB 1 round of SND 56 seconds expanded to 15 mins .
Quality A+ .. Still its Very high Space Use

Posted on 22.03.2014 / 20:39

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"And this is WITH my AO settings "
You sure about that? Last time I checked, they were posted by Suky, but ok.

Posted on 23.03.2014 / 15:33

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108 GB 1 ROUND!

Posted on 14.02.2016 / 13:36

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