Installing NewBlue Presets!

You start off by downloading a newblue preset, f.ex. one of mine! They are different types of presets for every newblue plugin, but I usually name them what the plug-in the are supposed to be used for. Anyways, drop the preset into an easy-accessible folder.

Drag the media you want to add the preset onto in vegas, or your choice of editing program.

Go into the "Video FX" bar, and choose the plug-in the preset is made for. For example, I will use Newblue V3 Spotlight for this.

When you have added one of the presets a little window will pop up with some Spotlight settings. If you look in the top right you can see that theres a button with a "P" on it. Press that button.

You will see there will be a cologne full of names of the presets which are already in your newblue. But if you look closer to the bottom you will see the two options called "Open Preset...", and "Save Preset as..." Choose the Open Preset one.

Locate your preset from where you dropped it. Tip: If the preset does not show up, then it means that this preset simply is not made for this plug-in. Maybe It's made for something else like Newblue Colorize, or something.

When you have chosen the preset, then it will be added to your chosen mediafile. Now you can mess around with it as you want, and also save it, so it can be found with the pre-installed presets.


I hope you learned something from this tutorial, and if you enjoyed, maybe you could leave a comment! :)If theres any help you're in the need for, just ask a question here or message me.



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what a shit tutorial

Posted on 25.03.2014 / 17:55

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Thanks broski d4;

Posted on 25.03.2014 / 18:20

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thanks @maxzor

Posted on 25.03.2014 / 18:32

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nice darkcomet bro!!!1111 DDDDDD

Posted on 26.03.2014 / 14:08

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welcome brah!!!!!

Posted on 26.03.2014 / 17:03

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Give me the essentials 3 please, I can't get working ones for SV12

Posted on 27.03.2014 / 3:04

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@Rackz I've used this download ever since 2011, so it should work.
If you need, I can send you the NBFX keygen on skype or something (it's deleted from mediafire)

Posted on 27.03.2014 / 16:05

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DW got it some new patch & dl

Posted on 29.03.2014 / 14:45

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sick shit

Posted on 23.04.2014 / 16:14

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