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Game: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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Posted on 17.06.2015 / 13:09

Don't you like it?

Posted on 17.06.2015 / 13:45

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Video not found

Posted on 06.07.2015 / 9:11

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Posted on 06.07.2015 / 9:12

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fuck haters

Posted on 17.07.2015 / 13:34

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Posted on 24.08.2015 / 19:20

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Thanks guys for the rating! You are the best!
Since the video seems to not work anymore if you still want to see it here it is the youtube link:

Have fun

Posted on 27.08.2015 / 17:32

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avidemo with a potato, wtf is that 15fps?

Posted on 03.02.2016 / 21:56

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Posted on 20.02.2016 / 19:14

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giev config

Posted on 31.05.2016 / 8:31

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fucking sick, nice song

Posted on 30.06.2016 / 17:51

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idk how they playing without wh i cant do anything with out wh

Posted on 04.08.2016 / 11:40

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Posted on 24.08.2016 / 9:59

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:> merry xmas buds

rip the good ol days

Posted on 14.12.2016 / 11:16

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Nice man

Posted on 19.07.2017 / 19:12

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How to make frag moves?

Posted on 05.12.2017 / 7:05

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Posted on 05.09.2020 / 18:23

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