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READ ME: Terminal For Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. ---------------------------------- Map editing and some model conversion. -]K6[-Grimm Main model conversion and Custom textures. BU|D>Tox contact E-mail: Chrisellison50athotmaildotcom Website: / ---------------------------------- Thanks: Thanks go to Team Bumpin Uglies for beta testing ---------------------------------- Description. This is a remake of the Modern warfare 2 map terminal for call of duty 4. We tried to keep the map as mod friendly as possible and the map was also tested on a linux dedicated server, it worked, if it does not work on your linux box then I am afraid there is little that can be done to fix it as we optimised everything to the limit. ---------------------------------- Map name: Terminal Supported gametypes: DM TDM HQ S&D DOM SAB Insallation: Place the mp_mw2_term folder with the 3 files included inside your cod4 usermaps folder. map shortname for your server config is: mp_mw2_term This map plays as SAS/SPETZNAZ and requires your mod to have a fixed teams.gsc K3 mod users must add the map name to your red x fix config in the k3 mod ---------------------------------- Version 1.0 info: Helicopters and minimap both work correctly. If you find any bugs in the map please report them at the above email. ---------------------------------- Permission is granted for any files in this map to be used in any way as long as proper credit is given to its original Author. The author\'s of this file in no way except any responsibility for damage to data(software),physical damage to hardware or physical damage to any person as a result of the appropriate or inappropriate use of this file. It is deemed that users who run this file are automatically considered to have read and understood this liability clause before using the aforementioned file. ---------------------------------- Previous maps by the authors: By -]K6[-Grimm for Medal of Honor Allied Assault snowy village :;61158 for Medal of Honor Spearhead Snowy village SE :;79467 Tranquility :;79469 for Call of duty 2 North Africa : Outpost :;100465 for call of duty 4 Abandoned : Abandoned night : Vacant 2 : By -]K6[-Grimm & -]K6[-Wraith for Call of duty 2 -]K6[-Destroyed Village :;102103 -]K6[-Remagen :;107437


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No comments ? OMFG u are the best of best man!

Posted on 27.07.2011 / 22:26

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The Map doesn't work. I can't select my Class. In the Console Log it says like this: "Can't load menu_opfor_mw" What's wrong?

Posted on 30.08.2011 / 6:49

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What mod are you using?

Posted on 29.09.2011 / 21:34

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this work with OW2?

Posted on 26.11.2011 / 7:12

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Posted on 29.09.2013 / 3:06

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Posted on 09.03.2014 / 14:32

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Posted on 14.01.2015 / 2:14

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cant trickshot from the plane 😴

Posted on 17.07.2016 / 6:00

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