Galactic Warfare v1.0 Final

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This version contains seven maps (“Mos Eisly”, “Bespin”, “Bestine”, “Not A Cave”, “Jundland”, “Jundland Dusk” as well as the new “Anchorhead). There is also a new killstreak called “viper droid”.  The Y-Wing and Tie-Bomber are now part of the killstreak “airstrike” (finally!).  We have also fixed some bugs of course.  With version 1.0 you will also get an installer which makes your life a bit easier (see the video tutorial below).

Thanks to all who supported us over the last years. We are still stunned by the enormous feedback we have received. Around 75,000 downloads and more than 900,000 visitors on our YouTube Channels were our motivation to go on with the mod for such a long time.  A lot of your ideas and recommendations are integrated to this final release.

We also like to thank the worldwide CoD Modding Community. It’s so awesome that most  of you old  scruffy looking nerf herders have participated to this project. Awesome! The Force is strong with you! Hopefully you will enjoy our new version of SWM: Galactic Warfare for the time being and we hope to see you on our server for some battles:

Normal (non-Hardcore):
DE: Galactic Warfare 1.0 FINAL | Galactic Warfare 1.0 FINAL |

DE: Galactic Warfare 1.0 FINAL | HardCore |



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Posted on 17.07.2011 / 19:32

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the best mod ever made

Posted on 18.07.2011 / 0:00

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Best mod besides promod ofc

Posted on 18.07.2011 / 0:16

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@jnR they worked hard as hell... two and a half years so clearly..
Star wars > promod

Posted on 18.07.2011 / 13:49

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I love this mod!

Posted on 19.07.2011 / 20:18

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@Tempa indeed. I think when is this mod finally done, i wont have to buy bf3

Posted on 24.07.2011 / 20:13

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Posted on 25.07.2011 / 15:58

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Sick as fuck

Posted on 30.07.2011 / 11:54

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how can i play this ?

Posted on 04.09.2011 / 21:17

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bartz its new game :$ <3

Posted on 15.03.2012 / 17:36

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why does nobody fucking play this? It's so awesome ((

Posted on 22.05.2012 / 17:34

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Cause mod is 600mb xD but yea its cool

Posted on 04.10.2012 / 13:25

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rip this fuckings mod, loved it back in the dais

Posted on 29.04.2014 / 21:16

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nice mod

Posted on 24.11.2016 / 12:54

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