Reign of the Undead FIXED SOURCE 2.5

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Hi guys! I think you play lots of times in rotu zombies, they’re 64/50 slots servers with. So, this is my version of this mod, after 2 weeks of hard work i fixed all problems and i add somes stuffs:) Here’s the CHANGELOG! [quote]- The raygun now can be taken from the misterybox - Weapons taken from misterybox aren't more devided by primary and secondary weapons - Added player menu with theese options: - Toggle third person - Toggle laser sight - Toggle promod fov (fovscale 1.125) - Fixed explosion radius of the raygun! - Fixed admin buid bug - Added custom weapons (Galil replaces G36C; Esplosive crossbow replaces M40A3) - Fixed loadscreen and compass problem for mp_surv_oasis - Fixed scoped crossbow bug - Added ninja sword instead of knife[/quote] OFFICIAL TOPIC ON THE OFFICIAL FORUM:


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It is possible to play this mod alone? On Private Server?

Posted on 01.06.2013 / 9:33

Yes, you can! steef_music instagram

Posted on 12.04.2019 / 18:16

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Posted on 03.07.2015 / 14:07

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OFC yes u can play this Mod on Private

Posted on 20.01.2019 / 20:38

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