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arent they old and alreday here

Posted on 17.07.2014 / 17:39

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These are different

Posted on 17.07.2014 / 18:25

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btw, the map from the above picturesr30; MEMORIES

Posted on 18.07.2014 / 3:47

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great Gloves , but i have a question .. all gloves that i found till now all of them were for op4 and marines , can you give me some links which have gloves for Spetsnaz and S.A.S side ? tnQ

Posted on 18.07.2014 / 7:15

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Thanks crusty. You can swap almost any gloves to any team easily, but firstly note that desert OpFor gloves will not transfer skins between teams properly using this method. But you can swap all other teams' gloves easily: unzip the .iwd and change the name viewhands_marine_gloves_col.iwi to op_force_clr.iwi (Spetznaz Team) or to viewhand_black_kit_col.iwi (S.A.S. Team) Then zip the .iwi files back into a .iwd *Remember that desert Opfor gloves are unique as shortsleeves, therefore you should not swap desert Opfor gloves with others, as all other gloves are longsleeves except desert Opfor.

Posted on 19.07.2014 / 0:36

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what map is in the first picture

Posted on 19.07.2014 / 22:57

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Thank you very much man i love you :xxx j007 <3 donei did it

Posted on 11.08.2014 / 11:00

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Posted on 12.08.2014 / 14:20

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