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new config,i made it 8.11.2k14



 Filmtweaks-LEFTARROW(for all maps)



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Nikad mi nece biti jasno zasto ljudi misle da ce im cfg pomoc u skillu ?

Posted on 14.11.2014 / 13:40

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Cfg ko cfg....npr.skinem tvoj cfg,isto je nmg igrat u igri noramlno... onda si sve sredim Scoreboard...killfeed...ft.. ma sve i ono bolje mi je,pa zato i ja msm da nije u svemu cfg al eto bolje mi je u igri...smooth i to,ili kad npr.skinem neki cfg i nemam lock fps al s ovim imam

Posted on 15.11.2014 / 15:58

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i want remove that network indicator and chat should be like normal color and size how to do that can u tell me which command i have to delete

Posted on 20.11.2014 / 15:08

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and where is the bomb it's not showing wtf how to enable it

Posted on 21.11.2014 / 7:49

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For network inicator go to Options/Multiplayer Options/Draw Lagometer-set NO
lol i have bomb xD

Posted on 24.11.2014 / 16:30

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1st fall thanks for the reply cfg awesome. i have more q .... in this code

bind MOUSE1 "+attack; +lookdown;wait 0.6; +lookup;wait 0.3;-lookright;wait 0.8;-lookleft;wait 0.8; weapnext; wait 2; weapnext"

Nice middle in restart i can shoot , but i cannot plan clemo and when air come it can't fire and when i set attck mouse 1 only it will work clemo and air ....but middile reload not working ... can u tell me how it will work ?? both ? air strike 6 is working but cannot fire plz help

and 1 more thing i want small map when uav is there emamy showing very small red i want to change into normal can u tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzz help

Posted on 26.11.2014 / 17:04

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this is promod cfg faggot not tdm hc and to call airstrike normal and other just go in controls combat and fire or something left mouse bro its all

Posted on 26.11.2014 / 19:23

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ya bro understand i'm using it for hc i just want to use this cfg it's so good really , i did that same as u say the thing is when i set fire to left mouse that bind is canceled ( u know that bind very useful middle reload we can shoot , so i just want to set all together can u help me out plz , then i can set clemore and left mouse and 6 for air with bind middle reload that perfect 1 plz help me out

Posted on 26.11.2014 / 22:33

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Ovaj se zabrijo,i to jako...

Posted on 29.11.2014 / 13:40

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jel se ljepe metci ?

Posted on 31.12.2014 / 17:34

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