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Jo, here I want to share the GunGame 1.2 with you guys, it took me some minutes till I found this mod download, so to do it easier for everyone, here is it!

You can play the 2.3 Version on this IP '', this is a updated version with many new features and such..
Well, then I would say have fun mates!

#I will upload a 1.3 with some edits by me, just that this mod gets a update after longer time.


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//Add some bots with /rcon addbot auto or when you are in devmap just with /addbot auto

Posted on 20.02.2016 / 19:59

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Luv it Good Job!!

Posted on 22.04.2016 / 7:19

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is there any chance of promod-gungame?

Posted on 26.05.2016 / 17:42

I'll upload 1.3 soon, there it will be included.

Posted on 26.05.2016 / 21:35

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how to load the game mode??

Posted on 29.09.2017 / 10:33

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can you play the gun game with bots ?

Posted on 12.06.2018 / 9:26

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Bots are bugged on this mod. I don't know why when i add a bot, it just keeps walking and shooting away

Posted on 02.05.2024 / 19:55

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