AK47 | Frontside Misty

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So.. after 2 years i decided to make a skin again.. I'm not really happy with the results but decided to upload it anyway, do what ever you want with it.


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I aint happy with the results because the quality is off...

Posted on 19.07.2017 / 14:13


Posted on 07.01.2018 / 15:42

make ur texture resolution to high or mid

Posted on 08.02.2018 / 22:33

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l2;lm1;m0;l6; m0;m m5;n5; k5;l6;l5;l0;m6;

Posted on 07.01.2018 / 15:41

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Help me why I can not go to any server? The game just hangs on the settings of the parameters and that's it. What to do?
Edit: I translated the comment in google translate so the comment doesnt break the admin menu for admins/moderators. Edited by maggy, CFGF admin.

Posted on 30.12.2018 / 13:57

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