MOTD Zombies - Version 1.1

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I have decided to revive the MOTD zombies again. This time, it's been done correctly. Physics preset on the fallen limbs were added of course. I have also included red eye FX. Note that you would have to backup your FX folder in order to install this, otherwise, you're gonna use red-eye FX forever and not the standard yellow that everyone uses.

Demonstration of the gibs with a new gun on the works already.

DTZxPorter - Wraith, to rip the zombie models
SE2Dev - BO1 Radiant
Bwc66930 - tutorial for WaW on how to make AI Types
Jerri13 - Major thanks with the gibbing help
Slayerbeast12 - telling me how to use EffectsEd to do some eye FX, ayy
Myself - Converting and Porting the models

Do keep in mind that the rar has the same name, but the version is different.

Also, read the instructions before applying this to your raw folder.


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Nice head!!!

Posted on 01.03.2018 / 4:40

Thanks dude!

Posted on 02.03.2018 / 2:10

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