John Wick

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John Wick(Fortnite) made cod4-ready by NH' Terry.

Join my discord server for updates on releases and more!
Copy the text above into your mod.csv or in your zone files of your custom map!

Be sure to precache in your script in either Main() or Init() with these following lines...
If you want the map in the screenshots (also by me) then feel free to download it here!
Have fun xd


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Posted on 18.05.2019 / 10:11

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This is really looks like good..i respect to your Another models ,But ,Like Soldiers,swat teams,modern fighters and military models will be good for todays most playable Cod series.Other fantastic models good but how to use in cod series.Maybe in the one ore two mods will be use (deathrun-Jump-surf) fantasy or cartoon models but others ?

Posted on 18.05.2019 / 11:35

Hey ,please share own things for posts ,i don't understand,why you copy and paste my message from other post?

Posted on 19.05.2019 / 14:32

it's okay I'm not listening to either of you xd I'm doing what I want to do. No one is promised anything with this lol

Posted on 20.05.2019 / 13:35

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You Crazi xD Nice

Posted on 18.05.2019 / 11:36

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N1 Man

Posted on 19.05.2019 / 9:27

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Posted on 19.05.2019 / 9:29

That looks nut. Look forward to test it when its hit up in a server

Posted on 21.05.2019 / 13:26

its cool

Posted on 21.05.2019 / 15:23

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xD character names Changed

Posted on 19.05.2019 / 10:00

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bro you are at another level of design, you da best bro

Posted on 29.05.2019 / 21:21

i don't design them or make them from scratch i just make them usable for cod4 not as easy as it sounds haha. but thanks! : )

Posted on 29.05.2019 / 21:23

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i compile that skins to mod.csv than how can i get skin in game

Posted on 28.06.2019 / 4:56

mannan dnne na

Posted on 02.02.2020 / 18:31

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Terry plz tell me how you make these models.
Any Software?

Posted on 15.08.2020 / 22:10

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