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CFG for hardcore edits/editors.


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Yo sorry to any new editors that download this (its an obvious fix for experienced ones) but i am big retard and forgot to enable the DOF in the 'Hardcore fig cins' config. You can fix/enable the DOF by replacing the current DOF settings with these...

r_dof_bias 0.1
r_dof_enable 0
r_dof_tweak 1
r_dof_viewModelEnd 0
r_dof_nearBlur 0
r_dof_nearStart 174
r_dof_farBlur 7
r_dof_farStart 235
r_dof_farEnd 498

Posted on 16.05.2020 / 23:00

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for what are these ? is the current one not good or ....

Posted on 31.05.2020 / 9:24

The DOF dvars i commented above are to be copied over the existing ones within the Hardcore fig.cfg (NOT THE CINE CFG)

Posted on 24.06.2020 / 2:06

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How do I make my DSR looks like yours?

Posted on 21.06.2020 / 21:54

It's the Ashen Theory DSR, got it from Fatal Amyst

Posted on 24.06.2020 / 2:08

But to make your own just use Photoshop and rip the game textures

Posted on 24.06.2020 / 2:09

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