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-Modern Warfer 2 weapons added
-Modern Warfer 2 prestige system added, I make rank and rankicon table
-Shopping killstreak system added (Thanks by Leiizko)
-laserdot added
-mapvote system added (Thanks by duffman)
-firstblood spree system (Thanks by Crazy)
-Xp event (Thanks by ReyzeR)
-admin menu (Thanks by BraXi), I make admin menu file
-own addition, and I make kill spree hud, similar as MW2 killspree hud and cards
-own addition server messages
-Modern Warfer 2 voiceovers and musics added

***Added from openwarfare***
-Sniper long range added
-Power class
-kill spree system from ow2
-welcome hud from ow2
-welcome screen and menu
-keybinds, I added fps limits, Third person view, Fov scale settings, promod vision, Fullbright, open admin menu

Please check mw2/modules/module_startgametype.gsc Dvars()
and set it up what you want.
But you can also configure a lot of things on the server.cfg

***laser dot and laser beam***
If Hardcore mode then laser dot displayed
and if Non Hardcore mode then laser beam and crosshair displayed.

***Server Messages***
In the _servermessage.gsc
Write loop messages what you want.
IPrintLn( "(write your message here)" );

***Admin menu permissions by guids***
Write GUIDs to who you want to give access _keybinds.gsc 148. line
Exemple --> self getGUID() == "(write here player GUID)"

Add custom maps on admin menu
main_shared\code\admin.gsx line 374.
// ***==CUSTOM MAPs==***
case "mapcustom1":
exec ("map mp_highrise"); // exemple

So just write map name between two quotation mark --> "map mp_highrise"
And etc.

***Add custom map the map vote system***
in startMapvote() function
Line 13., 15. and 17.
Just scroll this lines by the end
and write the last map after your custom map name
gametype koth map mp_vacant gametype dm map mp_highrise"

I hope you understand

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