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Just simply loads all the cod 4 weapon files that are related to guns that are in the game.

Download and put folder in yours mods folder

Open the folder and right-click on the "AllSPGuns" shortcut and change the target and start in cod4 directory to your cod4 directory but dont change the "+set fs_game mods/AllSPGuns +set thereisacow 1337" on the end of the target and then click on the shortcut.

COD 4 should launch with a dark blue color scheme to indicate that a mods loaded and from there you just any more you want with "/spdevmap" and start giving your self weapons

If you want to know the weapon code names then open the mod.csv file inside the folder you will find them all


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Noice like it but does it support custom weapons

Posted on 11.11.2020 / 13:41


Posted on 13.11.2020 / 1:46

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yes you can just add it to the csv

Posted on 15.11.2020 / 7:04

i do add it to the csv but my custom gun does not work

Posted on 21.11.2021 / 17:30

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does this work with every mission because i can only do FNG and Crew expendble,

Posted on 09.12.2020 / 3:33

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