Modern enemy and SpecOps

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The mod changes the standard models of enemy special forces to new ones created on the basis of models of American Marines both in the original game and in the SpecOps addon from the Rooftops series.Changes the models of SAS and Marine Corps fighters.

The main feature of this version of the mod is that the game has a built-in menu that allows you to use this mod together with the "Soroof SpecOps"addon. You can switch from the original game to the Soroof addon missions and back using the in-game menu.Installation-copy the downloaded ff file to the folder where you have the SpecOps mod installed.

The skin for enemy models is the file - "usmc_body_sp_col. iwi", the skin for ally models is the file "sas_woodland_body_sp_col.iwi".You can change the skins by downloading any suitable skinpack.


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Posted on 31.08.2021 / 17:33

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The updated version can be downloaded here

Posted on 31.08.2021 / 17:44

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I'm having trouble understanding the relation between your addon and my spec ops mod. What is the relation between them? I downloaded this addon of yours but it's just a mod.ff with no instructions or anything. I tried it alone it did work, but why is my spec ops mod featured here? Why wasn't I asked before edits in my non-open source mod were made? it's not like I am hard to find or anything. I'm just confused that's all. This mod doesn't seem to work with my spec ops mod. The menu is broken and ingame won't load necessary images. Why not just make an IWD addon for the game overall? Please explain to me because this is directly related to one of my mods and I feel like I am required to know.

Posted on 01.09.2021 / 19:16

Your work on creating the rooftops series is excellent.But unfortunately there is no possibility to switch between the tasks of rooftops and the original game.As for this fashion on a fully working version of this mod has been downloaded.If it were possible to place the menu in an iwd file, then it would be done so.That's why I created ff with the original menu changed.If you object to the placement of Modern enemy and SpecOps, then I will ask the modeoator to remove it,if there are no objections, then look at the updated version on gamebanana.

Posted on 01.09.2021 / 19:45

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