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Hi guys,

my Name is qabSol (in my earlier gaming time my name was "$.W.@.T").

As is saw now my old configs got already very famous here but there is one difference between this cfg and my old ones:
I didnt change any settings to get high fps, because i already got a good PC.

But if u want high FPS here are some good tips from daddy:

1. Go to your cod4 .exe file (normally named like "iw3mp.exe").
2. Open the file with any text editor (i prefer "Notepad++")
3. Now u need to search for some commands. At first search for "lodBiasRigid"
4. Change the command from "r_lodScaleRigid" to "j_lodScaleRigid"
5. Now search for "r_lodScaleSkinned" and change it to "j_lodScaleSkinned"
6. now safe the file and go to your config(if you use mine you dont need to do this)
7. Type into your config (doesnt matter where) >j_lodScaleSkinned "4"<
and as second >j_lodScaleRigid "4"<
8. Just safe your config again and enjoy playing with more fps :3

Just if you want to know what these commands do:
the lodScaleRigid command reduces the distance of showing items and gras.
And the lodScaleSkinned command just reduces the details of skinned models (other players, if i understood it right haha)
Or read the description in the cod4 console.

So.... I hope you guys will have fun with my config.

Have a nice day and leave a comment to this config, thanks.

See you cod4 !!


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no speek english

Posted on 05.02.2022 / 0:08

what language do you speak;

Posted on 05.02.2022 / 1:15

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gg bruhhhhhhh xd

Posted on 23.02.2022 / 16:34

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Posted on 05.03.2022 / 14:22

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