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Hi,i stopped playing 3years ago but i wanted to give something before i stop gaming forever and move on with my life...for all the people playing this game,thank you for keeping it alive.
I wanted to share my cfg as imo it's the best you can ever have as i spent lots of time improving it for my own personal perferences and to fit other tastes,however if you don't like the outcome feel free to delete it.
Why is it different ?
Improved colors,visuals,huds(minimap/nade indicators,blood&hitmarks,killfeed colors,console colors to provide a decent layout while using the console to modify the cfg for your own taste.
####Using this cfg requires an ok/decent knowledge of binding and at least knowing the use of the commands and how to deal with text editors,in other words not user friendly if you lack that###

F1 4 colors of backlot
F2 4 colors of crash
F3 4 colors of crossfire
F4 4 colors of strike
F5 4 colors of citystreets
F6 2 colors of vacant
F7 4 Universal tweaks for all maps
F8 changing name&ping color while matching the main scoreboard color
[ ] keys record and stop recording with a notification at the bottom left
3 change fps with a notification at the bottom left
4 7 8 F9 binded with the weapons along with useful commands for huds if you gonna change your binding key,do that through a text editor.
compasssize binded on moving keys to ensure that it's gonna last during your gaming session as it's reset itself along with killfeed
up arrow to change lighting with a notification,downarrow to change fov with notification aswell

i combined some of the best tweaks i made/found and did put them into one cfg so i can have the pleasure of using many tweaks while gaming in any mood,most of the tweaks you gonna find it here in filmtweak section uploaded by me,except the synde crossfire tweak i took it from his cfg as it's the best crossfire filmtweak ever made.

please if you gonna edit the cfg just change the key that you wanna bind and don't change anything else with commands as most of them is linked to an openscriptmenu which give you a message at the bottom left to notify you of the usage of that key.

all what you need to use this cfg is : your aspect ratio, your r_mode,and your key binding to play.
leave everyother thing as its and enjoy the magic.

******Remember to make your cfg as read only otherwise some mods will corrupt your cfg and you will have to fix it and bind everything from the beginning******

(images looks nicer if you tried the cfg and it's colors )

if you faced any kind of issues
i will try to keep in touch if you texted me there,thanks and happy gaming


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sick ..decent for pro play!

Posted on 15.11.2023 / 23:49

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