300fps help :<

Okay so I want to have 300fps frags, so I record demos etc, open them and play back in 30fps, timescale 0.1, record with FRAPS, Vdub them to 300fps w/ Lagarith, export as AVI, open in Vegas.

Then I go and record the sound from the same demo separately, but it never syncs properly with the video from Vdub, the sound is always faster, any idea on how to fix this or what I'm doing wrong?

Sorry for this probably being explained like shit but yeah, thanks in advance :>

Posted on 31.01.2014 / 7:21




record 300fps like u do. without sound..

then re-open the demo and record the sound with fraps and sync it in vegas

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Posted on 31.01.2014 / 10:36

@1soul1337 That's what I'm doing, but like I said, the sound is always faster than the 300fps Vdub clip :/

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Check if force looseless rgb is on in fraps then turn it of if it is.

Posted on 31.01.2014 / 12:47

@Sxzje It's unchecked, always has been

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Sympathised wrote:
@1soul1337 That's what I'm doing, but like I said, the sound is always faster than the 300fps Vdub clip :/

the sound is fast? or its smaller than the 300fps clip ?

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Posted on 01.02.2014 / 12:10



Lets just say that when you avidemo or do things like 300fps fraps etc sound will never be 100% synced. You will always have to manually sync it.

Posted on 02.02.2014 / 10:32

@1soul1337 The sound is faster than the clip.

@Suky Yeah I assumed I'd just have to manually sync parts seperately, just weird seeing as it should sync up perfectly but it doesn't haha. Thanks for the help guys

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Personally I had to sync shot by shot only with fraps, avidemo just fits perfectly with the sound in my pc.

Posted on 05.02.2014 / 12:01

@Greatfede I'll try out avidemo then :> Thanks!

Posted on 06.02.2014 / 15:19

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