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Hey, guys, I've been dropping some teasers on my twitter so I thought I should share them here. Follow me !


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nice twitter?: D

Posted on 02.05.2020 / 18:49

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lookin good

Posted on 10.05.2020 / 0:43

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download link please

Posted on 11.05.2020 / 18:06

I will release them in the near future stay tuned

Posted on 12.05.2020 / 13:25

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when upload?

Posted on 16.03.2021 / 2:23

soon I have to remake them after my pc melted XD

Posted on 18.03.2021 / 1:22

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upload never?

Posted on 06.10.2022 / 11:40

I have to remake them my pc crash and I couldn't recover the skins

Posted on 11.10.2022 / 23:37

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