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Sun Light settings

Sun Color:
Sun Diffuse Color:
Sun Light:
Sun height:
Sun Direction:

FilmTweak settings

Enable FilmTweaks:
FilmTweak Brightness:
FilmTweak Contrast:
FilmTweak Desaturation:
Light Tint Color:
Dark Tint Color:

Killfeed / Name settings

Killfeed Allies color:
Killfeed Axis color:
MyTeam name color:
Enemy team name color:
Draw names of teammates:

Third Person settings

ThirdPerson camera:
ThirdPerson camera range:
ThirdPerson camera angle:
DOF tweak settings

Enable DOF Tweak:
DOF Far blur:
DOF Far start:
DOF Far end:

DOF Near blur:
DOF Near start:
DOF Near end:

Other Settings

Enable Camo:
Enable Shadows:
Draw Decals:
Blood overlay:
Show crosshair:


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