Creating your own texture category in radiant

Hi, I've been messing around in radiant and when I convert images I always mix where they are . So I found this (it's my tut I found it) to create your own category for textures , ok let's start :

Step 1 : go to your root folder and go the folder called (deffiles) and locate a file named (material.gdf) right click on it and hit "Edit with notepad++" .

Step 2 : don't do anything yet ! when you open the file hit (ctrl + g) to go to the line 89 you will find this ("sign",) hit enter after that and copy the sign thingy to the new line , after that replace the "sign" with what name your category is going to be for me I made it "tim" save and close the file .

Step 3 : In the same folder go to the (materials) folder inside it & scroll down to the bottom to find a file called (usage.txt) right click and edit with notepad++ again :

Step 4 : when you open it go to the line 40 you will find (sign) hit enter after that and type your category name don't MISSPELL it !! save and close the file .

And you're done , congrats lol now when you got to ASSMAN Or RADIANT you will find your new category like this :


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Nice, Thank you

Posted on 09.04.2016 / 17:38

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There seems to be a problem with one of your images in this tut. Third picture to be exact
Third picture link:

Posted on 09.04.2016 / 18:37

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Thanks maggy.

Posted on 09.04.2016 / 20:45

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Method only for who want add or rename category. For faster use only assets manager

Posted on 15.04.2018 / 4:48

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I have been looking for this information for a long time, I was very surprised when I found it here.
New Pelle Pelle

Posted on 22.05.2023 / 12:51

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