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Hello everyone, I want to say thank you to everyone who stay with me from 2008-2012;2016-2022 .I want to express a separate respect to the guys (Pavel, Pavel, George, Matvey, Alexey, Vladislav, Phil, let it be without nicknames)we played with them together,get fanned from creeps on the only Russian-speaking server, fought against injustice, etc., etc.
I don 't have any screenshots from cw and other ladders of antiquity left , so catch screenshots from the public 2022)))
kfg is actually the most defaulted, unfortunately you will not find anything unusual in it, I leave it for myself as a keepsake , and perhaps someone of you who stayed in this dead game will find it useful .

P.S COD4 will never die.


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etot sait ne otobrajaet russkiy.
Vsem privet ,hochu skazat' spasibo vsem, kto byl rjadom so mnoj s 2008-2012;2016-2022 .
Otdel'nyj respekt hochu vyrazit' parnjam(Pavel,Pavel,Georgij,Matvej,Aleksej,Vladislav,Fil ,pust' budet bez nikov) s kotorymi igrali , fanilis' s kripov na na edinstvennom russkojazychnom servere ,borolis' s nespravedlivost'ju itd , itp.
skrinshotov s kv i prochih ladderov drevnosti u menja ne ostalos' , tak chto lovite skrinshoty s pablika 2022)))
kfg na samom dele maksimal'no defoltnyj , nichego v nem neobychnogo k sozhaleniju vy ne najdete , ostavljaju ego dlja sebja na pamjat' nu i vozmozhno komu-to iz vas , kto ostalsja v jetoj mertvoj igre on prigoditsja .

Posted on 24.12.2022 / 3:37

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les tricheurs ne viennent pas avec cfg?

Posted on 05.01.2023 / 15:27

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